Hi — Avelar Here.

I'm a designer on the growth and product teams at Pitzi.com.br, I'm a father and active rock climber.

Recently, I've worked on launching the smartphone protection called Moto Proteção, in partnership between Pitzi and the amazing Motorola Brazil people. My hole was design and front-end develop the application, adds, and web pages.

Before that, I worked with our team on researching and designing a Third-Part cell phone insurance web application for some of biggest insurance companies in Brazil.

And even before that, I worked on Pitzi Ninja, a bussiness game app that has helped 2k+ insurance sellers achieve their goals.

Over the past 9 years, I've worked for different business, health and education segments.

If you want any more details about my work feel free to e-mail me.

By the way, @pitzi, we are hiring